Hughes Resources provides retainer-based recruitment services
on a very unique fixed fee basis.

Fees are established and confirmed up front, therefore you know
from the beginning what the assignment will cost.

Because our fees are established up front,
you know that Hughes Resources will present only the very best candidates
and provide objective advice on compensation.

The established fees are guaranteed and fees will never exceed the quoted amount
even if the final candidate’s base salary is higher than estimated.

Fees for retainer-based assignments are discounted.

Value added discounts also apply to multiple assignments.

Exclusive contingency recruitment services are also available.

Clients agree to engage Hughes Resources exclusively for the first 30 days.

Interim or regular recruitment support can also be arranged.

Fees are based on an hourly or daily rate for most services.
Flat rates can also be negotiated for special projects.
Retainer rates are available for regular services on a monthly basis.


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